Saturday, 27 August 2016

Catching up with the more old stuff...

Theres a couple of things I want to address before I wanna jump in into todays topic. I’m very much aware that the blog is very bare bones right now and its sole design is text heavy and the features from the old days have been stripped out. Thats very much my intent is to start fresh but also keep it simple. Over the next few days, I will be refining the overall reading experience and will continue to streamline the content and how its organised on here. Improvements are on the way but for now I wanna focus on getting all the missed events and catch up stuff with everyone reading my blog!

Todays topic is all about the other entanglements which went the other way - and when I say the other way, I’m pertaining to the people who got attached to me and I did not necessarily reciprocated the feelings . Someone raised the question bad in mMay 2016, where they were like: “Tyrone, surely with the amount of people you work with (and the places) you visit and the people you know, you’ve had to have met someone who likes you” 

Okay immediate disclaimer, I don’t want to sound like a douche but yes there have been and notably two in the last 2 years who were pretty strong in making their feelings known to me but in the end we just did not see each other in that way effectively. Coming from my side i was more focused on other things, other things that lead me to be on a different page than them. 

Of course I am merely summarising here but undoubtedly theres so much layers and complications each set came along with but the best part of course always has to be the mutual respect and understanding that leads to me being good friends with them still and continuing to collaborate and talk and live life to the fullest. Its only recently that I’ve been back with the spark about the dating scene again and its also recently that Im sorta active again. from 2014 onwards i was so immersed in photography and videography and travelling that honestly it didn’t bother me anymore and I was no longer interested and I was kept so busy and felt very much whelmed by other things and ever since i went past the teenage years, there was more or less no more desire to be on adventures since everyone else around me had tried things already. 

I was so also envious of the others around me who were very much settled in with their couple-y stuff before I was even involved in any slight chance ahahahaha but such is life. Some of them have kids, have wives and husbands and yes i said that in plural form LOL and get this lots of them celebrating 3 years anniversary and so forth. Like you can probably understand where the frustration is from, simply put I’m always your typical third wheel and in one time that oh boy, flipping 9th wheel in our group hang outs and it gets very VERY messy real quick when your the only one without anyone to hold while you walk in the pathway on the way home…

Thats pretty much everything caught up now and we’re all floating in this 2016 and rather than dwell of the complains and what IFs of the past now its time to like talk about the present and the now. Seriously I’ve bored some of my friends already about how it works to be being stuck in this situation of looking for a teenage dream but lets go for the sweep forward ahahaha 

I’ll post tomorrow about the latest and so check back then :D 

(PS: I noticed the mobile version of the blog is very wonky and like the formatting sucks ass so I’m gonna switch the blog theme once more to accommodate this and fix things!)

Friday, 26 August 2016

Back in the blogging game - Part TWO

Welcome to this humble old timer blog that's kicking once again - all about love and that and where it takes us...

Please read Part ONE BELOW before proceeding** this post is part 2, SCROLL TO PART ONE BEFORE READING AHEAD!

Despite not being active for collectively 2 years and a bit, not much has happened in my love life and I wanna be all about the present and carry on this thrillride and take on that dream again. It's all still magical if we believe and not let adulthood cloud our perception too much.

To get everyone up to speed,  in late 2014 I had a running with a girl who said I was too happy for her and we ended drifting apart after she promised to meet and hang out with me that expo night and she got drunk and slept with one of her friends and yes that's the TLDR short form but that's the past,  totally over. She was hot headed and quit school, She owed people lots of money,  got fired at her job and everyone was warning me about her and I didn't listen,  I thought I was the guy who could change her. 

As you know how it ended already (quite badly)-  here's a shocker, were still talking now and I simply don't hold anger or whatever and I had no reason to be mad because she was not mine at the time and never was but I was just disappointed cos we were talking and so close from Feb 2014 to October 2014, was meant to seal the deal at expo but it all fell apart.

Sucks but can't complain.

A friend of mine, is known for saying the quote I dodged a "big bullet" for having a falling out with the girl. I don't want to dwell on this past life anymore, this story is 2014 and it's been 2 years now and nothing else matters but to go forward. I didn't get angry or kept any grudges,  just straight up doing my thing. Still was a teenager when this unfolded and immature as always. Willing to sacrifice a lot,  you'd understand when all we did was spend time with each other till 5am on some nights and just eventually it sparked on and on. 

Beyond that I have no other serious entanglements; there was a good friend of mine who lives in a certain different country in Europe who I clicked with and that was a slight hey we should have met under different circumstances and crush development early stages but I had to uphold the fact that our friendship is greater,  I told her would've been cool to like maybe had a chance to start on the dating side but it just made our friendship stronger and carried on as friends since we had that much respect for each others craft.  Very cool experience indeed.

So that roughly where we are, fast forward this to summer 2016 where this blog resumes its story.  A fresh slate for me to tell you guys what's happening and more context on the return of an old blog and more stories about the love life that only exists when I sleep ahahaha
Believe me when I say this, I have a lot to say so stay tuned =) updates and fixes and rework are on the way :D

Thursday, 25 August 2016


As some of you guys might know,  I used to be a lifestyle blogger writing about the adventures of a teenager through discovering new places,  tasting new foods,  struggling through education,  and getting lost in love. (Thats the 2 second summary anyway) However, that's not all - all my writing focused on a little bit of reviewing things like new foods and games and tech plus sharing music play lists and diving into new experiences and talking about how it all goes wrong - essentially that's how I stumble upon cosplay events! Constantly trying new things and writing about them whether it's a place to visit or what not.
And here we are now, fast forward to a couple of years down the line.  My blog was anchored on writing about my teenage adventures about living the dream and how cool date ideas would be. Hard to believe that's what got me my readership,  once upon a time when I was at my peak,  my blog had many readers all immersed in the mess of me as my internet persona looking for that illusive love life.
I've since deleted the blog that used to be here, 1000s of posts of years and years of teenage adventures. From chasing tumblr ideals and being stuck trying to become better than who I was before.... I used to run the blog with readers across the world all about a love life or should I say lack thereof.
After telling my story of romantic entanglements through this blog, I eventually got older and older and no longer felt the connection to chase the dream of being in a relationship and hence I decided to close the blog for good in early 2015.
But I left a promise...
that one day I will be back when there's "good news" and I made that promise actually to a fan of mine from New York who gave me advise that stuck with me till now.  That was 4 years ago originally and even though I ended the blog much later than that,  I had a feeling I wasn't going anywhere, and yes this is an insight from the old days, I haven't been to a Disney Land date yet lmao.  Dead give away.

I'm back though? Yes that's right.
Does that mean there's good news? Unfortunately no. I hate to break it to you but I'm still on the waiting list and the next logical question surely will be why am I back?
This blog is the unofficial sequel and get is,  I'm finally ready to share the latest stuff but let me leave you guys with 2 main things... There is no good news,  I'm still single and there's no happy ending to be had.
I'm sorry.
I'll explain in the next post all the low down.
See you there!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Farewell to the past: Smile250 LifeStyle Blog 2007-2014

Hey Everyone! Welcome to the completely new and redesigned Smile250 website! You may have come to expect the usual lifestyle blog that I have been running and writing since 2007 and the blog that started it all with teenage adventures and posts about pockets of mischiefs :3

I know many of you guys have come to love the food reviews, the relationship rants and the music and crafts and press content all jam packed in here over the years! You guys have read my stuff and you guys are the reason why I am here today now to where I am. I simply cannot thank you enough for your support and I will never be able to repay the awesomeness you guys have shown me in this world and the comments and crazy emotions we all shared.

In retrospect, I will not forget the countless memories we all experienced together, from the convention meet-ups, the old days of anime music videos, the banter about which games are the best and the collabs with many bloggers around the world and remember those posts about my old bedroom, house, the you tube music and the skateboarding and dating write ups ahahaha =) It's hard to believe that in those span of time - I have met countless amounts of amazing people and gotten to know many of you guys reading this - once again - thank you for everything.

Every story has a climax, every good adventure must come to an end and every tale has it's shake ups and today is no different. I want to share with you something that I have been thinking for a long time and frankly I truly believe that it's something that will empower better things for the future...

It's now time to say goodbye...

From the over 1,486 blog posts from 2008 till 2014 (psst even the 2007 beta testing days) - and the days of my highschool troubles till my college adventures to even this past week of 2013-2014 cosplay shenanigans^^ You guys have been there for me and I want to announce something that I know will shock many and that is for 2015 - I'm now closing the lifestyle blog of Smile250.

I have gone ahead and removed all the posts previously available and all blog content has now been taken down and I'm going to rework this entire website to something completely new. Gone are the blog posts and video posts and the thousands of snaps all scattered around here. I want you guys to give me this chance to fully admit that I am now transitioning into the cosplay scene more and more and all roads have lead to this. There are two big important key facts that remain despite this massive shake-up.

Firstly, this website is not closing down, as a matter of fact it will change into something better and will still be fundamental to what I do and who I am. Secondly, I'm not going anywhere and I will still be the teenage blogger you know and remember. In fact because of my shift to more cosplay photos and videos - I'm out there in the world more and more and I get the chance to meet more of you guys my friends :D

To consolidate everything, I present to you have the now reformed website and serving a brand new purpose the entire page as your one stop shop for all things related to Smile250 and myself =)

See you soon!